How to Get 1 Million Visits per Month with One Simple Keyword


We all want to grow our site and get a million visitors every month. If I tell you that you can get a million visits per month with a simple keyword, then you might be surprised, but it is actually true.

There are a lot of sites that generate millions of traffic with one simple keyword, and you can do that too. In this article, I will tell you the secret to get 1 million visits per month with one simple keyword.

So if you also want to improve your site with a simple strategy, then read this article till the end.

Importance of Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important things for ranking. Without proper keyword research, you can write thousands of articles, but you will not get any result.

But with proper keyword research, only one article can give you a million of traffic. All you had to do is proper keyword research.

Moreover, one keyword can even give you the whole niche for your website. It is on you how you use any keyword.

For example, the keywords like make money online, income tax, marketing has such a potential that can give you more than a million visits per month.

These are only the short-tail keywords; various long-tail keywords can form with these keywords.

Moreover, the various website uses these combinations of the long tail and short tail keyword to generate a lot of traffic on their site. It is on you how you use this technique for the growth of your website.

It also depends on your capability of doing keyword research. The keyword I tell you is the only some keywords. You can still find various keywords that are medium and low competitive.

Trending Keywords

Another great way to generate a lot of traffic is by publishing a post on trending keywords. Trending keyword has a lot of potentials because millions of people are searching for that one keyword.

However, with that keyword, you will only get traffic for a particular time. But still, the traffic would be enough for you to give you a significant number of visitors.

 All you had to do is find the trending keyword related to your niche. You can use Google trend to get information about the trending keyword.

For example, during this time of lockdown, one of the most searched keywords is related to work from home. Various searches are done related to this, so it is a great keyword which you can use to improve your visitors.

Moreover, trending keywords usually have low competition as compare to other keywords. You can also find trending keywords from the news websites.

In this article, I have explained to you the secret technique to generate a million traffic with one single keyword. Now it is on you how you use this technique.

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